Jethro Tull – Reasons For Waiting tab

A* is an open E on the 6th fret, 077600
G* is an open E on the 4th fret, 055400

E                D  A*      G*  A*  G* E
What a sight for my eyes to see you in sleep
E                 D   A*   G*  A*  G*  E
Could it stop the sun rise hearing you weep
E          D            A   E
You're not seen, you're not heard
      G        A  E
But I stand by my word
Came a thousand miles
        C                      D   A
Just to catch you while you're smiling
E              D    A*      G*  A*  G* E      
What a day for laughter and walking at night
E            D A*        G*   A*  G*  E
Me following after, your hand holding tight
E       D      A     E              G         A   E      
And the memory stays clear with the song that you hear
If I can but make
    C               D   A
The words awake the feeling

Flute soloe|-----------2------------------------------------2--------------------------|B|-------------5---5-2----4-5-----------------------5---5-2---4-5------------|G|-----1-2-4-----4-----2------4-1-----------1-2-4-----4-----2-----4-1--------|D|-2-4----------------------------2-----2-4---------------------------2------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
E D A* G* A* G* E What a reason for waiting and dreaming of dreams E D A* G* A* G* E So here's hoping you've faith in impossible schemes E D A E G A E That are born in the sigh of the wind blowing by G C D A While the dimming light brings the end to a night of loving
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