Jethro Tull – Jack In The Green tab

Jethro Tull
Songs From the Wood

I'll start this by saying that there is a capo on the second fret.
I will still call the strings EADGBE. The chords will be as if the
capo wasn't there.

Chords used in this song:

G:    D:    Bb:   F:    Cadd9    Am

E--3- E--2- E---- E--1- E--3- E--0-|B--3- B--3- B--3- B--1- B--3- B--1-|G--0- G--2- G--3- G--2- G--0- G--2-|D--0- D--0- D--3- D--3- D--2- D--2-|A--2- A---- A--1- A--3- A--3- A--0-|E--3- E---- E---- E--1- E---- E----|
Intro: G D Bb F Cadd9 G Have you seen the Jack-in-the-Green? Bb F G -With his long tail hanging down. Bb F Cadd9 G He quietly sits under every tree Bb F G In the folds of his velvet gown. Bb F Cadd9 G He drinks from the empty acorn cup Bb F G The dew that dawn sweetly bestows. Bb F Cadd9 G And he taps his cane upon the ground- Bb F G Signal the snow drops, it's time to grow. G D Bb F Cadd9 G It's no fun being Jack-in-the-Green: Bb F G No place to dance, no time for song. Bb F Cadd9 G He wears the colours of the summer soldier; Bb F G Carries the green flag all winter long. G D Am D G Jack, do you ever sleep-does the green still run in your heart? Am D G or will these changing times, motorways, powerlines, keep us apart? D G Well, I don't think so. D G I saw some grass growing through the pavement today. (a verse with humming) Bb F Cadd9 G The Rowan, the Oak, and the Holly tree Bb F G Are the changes left for him to groom. G D Bb F Cadd9 G Each blade of grass whispers, "Jack-in-the-Green." Bb F G "Oh Jack, please help me through my winters night." Bb F Cadd9 G And-"We are the berries the on the Holly tree: Bb F G Oh, the Mistle Thrust is coming, Jack, put out the light."
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