Jethro Tull – Skating Away tab

Tabbed by thebigbox. Capo 3
Me[C]an while ba[G]ck in the ye[F]ar o[A]ne,
[C]When you belon[G]ged to n[F]o o[A]ne.
[C]You didnt st[G]and a ch[F]ance,s[A]on,
[C]If your pl[G]ans were u[F]ndo[D]ne.
[D] [Dsus4] [D]
[G]Cause you were [D]bred for huma[G]nity and so[D]ld to soc[G]iety,
One day you'll wa[D]ke up in the pr[G]esent day,
A m[Bb]illion generations removed from expectations 
[D]Of being who you re[G]ally want to b[A]e. 

Ska[G]ting awa[D]y, ska[G]ting awa[D]y, ska[G]ting awa[D]y,
On the thin i[G]ce of the new da[C]y, ay e ay ay a[G]y ! Ay[C] ay ay a[D]y !
[G]So as you push off from the sho[D]re, 
won't you turn your head once mo[A]re, and make your peace with 

[G]For those who choose to st[D]ay, 
will live just one more d[A]ay, to do the things they should've d[D]one.
[G]And as you cross the w[Em]ilderness, susp[A]ended in your e[G]mptiness, 
you feel you ha[D]ve to pray.
[G]Looking for a sign that the u[F]niversal minds 
[D]That's written you into their passion pl[A]ay.
[G]And as you cross the circle li[D]ne while the ice world sheets behi[A]nd, 
you're a rabbit on the r[D]un.
[G]And the silver splinters fl[D]y in the corner of your e[A]ye 

shining in the setting s[D]un
Well, do you e[G]ver get the fe[Em]eling that the st[A]ories do their reeling, in 
the pre[D]sent tense.
Or that ev[G]erybody's on the stage, a[F]nd it seems like you're the 
only,[D]person sitting i[G]n the audi[A]ence.

Ska[G]ting aw[D]ay, ska[G]ting aw[D]ay, ska[G]ting aw[D]ay.
Jethro Tull
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