Jethro Tull – Life Is A Long Song tab

   The chords to Life's a Long Song aren't that hard, but actually playing
the part is.  As far as I can tell, the beginning chords are D-shaped
barre chords (fret numbers in parentheses):
A (VII)                              G (V)
When you've fallen awake and you     take stock of the new day.
And you hear your voice croak as you choke on what you need to say.

   Now I THINK what's happening is Ian messes around with sus chords a
lot.  I haven't tried this because I can't play this nearly fast enough,
but I think it's something like:

You get the idea. I haven't actually tried this in quite a while - I need to go home and listen to it at half-speed on my 4-track. Anyway, has anyone fingured out as easier way to play this, or at least easier ways to play these chords?
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