Jets To Brazil – Your X-rays chords

Jets To brazil
Your X-Rays Have Just Come Back From The Lab
And We Think We Know What Your Problem Is
Four Cornered Night
2000 Jade Tree Records
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Key: E, G

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
E - 022100
B - x24442
A - x02220
D - xx0232
C - x32010G - 320033
Verse 1:
Emaybe some day
Bwe'll meet again
Awhen our two roads hit
Ethe same dead end
D Aand oh i'm
Ecounting the days
Ecuz you've got something
Bthat i've never since seen
Aa willing heart and a
Epart that's clean
D Awe're both good
Eat counting days
Refrain 1:
Awith an ounce of intuition
Eand your parents' ammunition
Ayou come here hungry
Ewearing naked ambition
Dhysterical to meet you
A E can you get me in?
Verse 2:
Ei got three years tied
Bto the mast of this town
Ashe's a handsome ship
Ebut i'm going down
D Abut oh she ain't
Ecoming with me
Ethere's a time to fight
Band a time to get out
Abut you'll fight till
Ewe're all knocked out
D A Eand oh i keep counting teeth
Refrain 2:
Aeveryone's an artist with
Ea pristine vision
Aa cellular intelligence
Ewith a fire in her kitchen
D Atoo many chefs on dope
E-- x4 D and the rich don't listen Chorus 1:
C G i am the rabbit
A Bwrapped in panic actor
C G bag in a tree you
Bwill outlast the
cast and me i gotta E-- x4 D get some release!
G A it's up or out and
E-- x2 the ladders on fire
G A she greased her frock with
Ea smile that moves the sky
Verse 3:
Esurviving the insult
Bday to day
Athey give you the
Einsult to make it go away
D A Eand oh what can i say?
Ei got a wine swept smile
Band a well timed mile
Ai've been running since i
Eheart they'd sooner see us die
D A Ethan oh come and die next to us
Refrain 3:
Aup to her knees in
Emen keep hitting
Aand the white suits
Efuck like bad television
D Alatest simple angel
E-- x4 D come die next to me Chorus 2:
C G i am a shifting shape
A B Ca wire walker
Gcoked with the hopes
Bof happy ever after
i came to trial E-- x4 D out of style
G A but i got my eye on
E-- x2 a country mile
G where the people you
A E-- x4 D know are the ones you like Outro: C-G-A-E- x3, C-G-E(hold)
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