Jets To Brazil - Cat Heaven chords version 1

Jets To Brazil
Cat Heaven
Perfecting Loneliness
2002 Jade Tree Records
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Key: C

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chorus used:
C -  x32010
G -  320003
Am - x02210
F -  133211
Dm - xx0231

Intro: C-F-C-F-Am-F-Am-F-C(hold)

Verse 1:
C FIn the dream that awakened me
C Fyou had come and taken me
Am Fto a sea of stars
AmThe cat stood in the
F Cflowers two ears above
C FAnd the ground that was under me
C Fwas holding me so wonderfully
Am Fon a bed of leaves
Amand you were here with
F Cme and we were free
Refrain 1:
F C Everything we saw
Am G F was beautiful and strong
Am G F C(hold) and I knew we belonged
Verse 2:
CThen the birds came
Fand carried us
C Fto the sky and married
Am Fus on a bed of stars
Am Fwhere I was always yours
Cand you were mine
C FAnd in the long back eternity
C FI love you so perfectly
Am Fin the words of clouds
Amlike a bird sings to
F Chis flowers and I was heard
Refrain 2:
F C Everything I saw
Am G F was everything I'd want
Am G and this world had
F C--F--C--just begun to live
Chorus 1:
Am C F Don't wake me up
Am C F Don't wake me up
Am C F Don't wake me up
C Dm F C(hold) I can't wake up from this
Interlude: Piano C F C F Am C F C Am C F C Bridge:
G Everyone
Fwas forgiven
Cmade hopeful
Gmade living
Am Gmade winning
Interlude: Bass Solo: C-F- x2 then C-F-C-F-Am-F-Am-F-C(hold) Verse 3:
C FSo Captain please consider me
C FLet the boats deliver me
Am FWhen I close my eyes
Am F Cdrive captain drive It's time
Refrain 3:
F CFor everything to be perfect
Gfor everything to
Am G F C--stop hurting tonight
Chorus 2:
Am C F Don't wake me up
Am C F Don't wake me up
Am C F Don't wake me up
Am C F(hold) Don't wake me up
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