Jets To Brazil – Empty Picture Frame tab

Jets To Brazil - Empty Picture Frame

This one has got the same theme as the other contribution with a few differences and an added solo.
The solo on the recording actually has two guitars.  I only tabbed the lead for simplicities sake.
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(For this verse just run down each chord just once)
I just found the frame
Where I took your picture away
      D        (short awkward pause)
In my wallet
Like a saint from some other place
                D      D7
That picture repays
    G             Gm
My eyes as they glaze
         D             A               D
Thousand lashes from a love long gone away

(Here strum each chord with the pattern of v v v^v^ Where v is downstroke and ^ is upstroke
except the last Gm which is strummed only once)
                       G        Gm
I'll know that you're gone for good
When the dawn kicks me awake
D                    A      G              D
I'll dress and move on put on what i can take
               Em     F#m   G   Gm
So take and get on you sweet thing
e---------------------------------------|B------------------3--------------------|G------------------2--2-----------------|D------------------0--------------------|A---------------------------------------|E---------------------------------------|There's a phone call aimed at me tonight
e-------------------------------2--------- 2-------------------3-|B----------------------------3----3-----1----1--------3--------3-|G-----------0--------0-----------------------------4----4------3-|D--------0--------0----0--0----------0----------5--------------5-|A-----2--------1-----------------------------------------------5-|E--3-----------------------------------------------------------3-| Here it comes, out go my lights
e------------2--------0----------------0--2--|B------------3--------2----------3---3----3--|G----------2----------2----------2-2------2--|D----------0--------2------------0--------0--|A-----------------0--------------------------|E--------------------------------------------| Leaves me nowhere far out of sight
(Here play a combonation of root notes fiths and struming) D G Now I've got the frame and some baggage I claimed D A I came home to a world sadly changed D D7 G Gm so I got stoned until I thought this house a home D A D But when I came down I found myself alone G Gm I'll know that you're gone for good D When the dawn kicks me alive A G D I know we'll go on somehow we'll both survive Em F#m G Gm So take and get on you sweet thing
e-------------------------------------------------------|B-------------------3-----------------------------------|G---------------2------2--------------------------------|D------------0------------------------------------------|A-------------------------------------------------------|E-------------------------------------------------------| Tonight you'll find me alone and getting high
e-------------------------------2--------- 2-------------------3-|B----------------------------3----3-----1----1--------3--------3-|G-----------0--------0-----------------------------4----4------3-|D--------0--------0----0--0----------0----------5--------------5-|A-----2--------1-----------------------------------------------5-|E--3-----------------------------------------------------------3-| Up we float, down i fly
D A D G Leave me nowhere, far out of sight D A D G Leave me nowhere, far out of sight D A Gm G D Leave me nowhere, far out of s i g h t
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