Jets To Brazil – Sweet Avenue tab

Jets To Brazil
Sweet Avenue
Orange Rhyming Dictionary
Words and music by Blake Schwarzenbach

Guitar 1 - acoustic
Guitar 2 - electric

Intro (can be played with 1 guitar. just play the riff inbetween the chords. you know how it goes)Guitar 1 E A/Ee--------------------------------------------------------------------|B--------------------------------------------------------------------|G--1~------------------1~------------------1~------------------1~----|D--2~------------------2~------------------2~------------------2~----|A--2~------------------0~------------------2~------------------0~----|E--0~--------------------------------------0~------------------------|
Guitar 2Riff 1e--------------------------------------------------------------0-----|B--------------------------------------------------------------x-----|G--------------4--------------------------------------4--------2-----|D----------4h6---6-4---2--------------------------4h6---6-4----2-----|A----------------------0---------------------------------------0-----|E--0---------------------------------------0-------------------------|
E A/E Tasting you and rain i walk down to the train E A/E Try not to look down E A/E This day could someday be an anniversary E A/E Everything is light and sound Verse 1 (Start strumming the chords) E A/E Facing forwards going slowly wait for you to show me E A/E Where this train wants to go E A/E Living by the hour i stopped for every flower E A/E Everything is soft and slow
Chorus F#m A5 Ee--------------|B--------------|G--2---2---1---|D--4---2---2---|A--4---0---2---|E--2-------0---|
F#m A5 E Now all these tastes improve through the view that comes with you F#m A5 Like they handed me my life E For the first time it felt right
FillGuitar 2e----------------------|B----------------------|G--------4-------------|D----4h6---6-4---2-----|A----------------------|E----------------------|
Verse/Chorus BreakGuitar 1 E A/E E A/EGuitar 2e--------------------------------------------------------------0-----|B--------------------------------------------------------------x-----|G--------------4-------1------------------------------4--------2-----|D----------4h6---6-4---2--------------------------4h6---6-4----2-----|A----------------------0---------------------------------------0-----|E--0---------------------------------------0-------------------------|
Verse 2 (same as first) Thank you for making me see there's a life in me It was dying to get out Holding you we make two spoons beneath an april moon Everything is soft and sweet Chorus F#m A5 E This cigarette it could seduce a nation with its smoke F#m A5 E Crawling down my tired throat, scratches part of me that's purring A/E Softly stirring Verse/Chorus Break (w/o lead) - 1x Verse 3 (same as first) I'm a captian of industrey smoking famously Feet up on the windowsill Looking at all these trees i feel affinity with Everything so soft and still Chorus (same as second) Budding at my fingertips Touching you i start to bloom Alive with trains and passing ships Soft and sweet along your lips now I go "oh wow" Verse/Chorus Break (w/o lead) - 1x Play an E then stop (organ and bass play) Thank you for taking me from my monastary I was dying to get out With tears of gratitude I like my latitude A cross town train to you Chorus (same as second) Now all these tastes improve Through thte view that comes with you Like they handed me my life For the first time it felt worth it Like it deserved it Verse/Chorus Break (w/o lead) - 1x Outro
Part 1 - 4xGuitar 1 E A/EGuitar 2e----------------------0--|B----------------------x--|G--------------4-------2--|D----------4h6---6-4---2--|A----------------------0--|E--0----------------------|
Part 2 - 4xGuitar 1 E A/E E A/EGuitar 2e----------4-5-4---------------------------------4-5-4--------0-----|B-------------------------------------------------------------x-----|G----------------6-4/6---------------------------------6------2-----|D-------------------------------------------------------------2-----|A-------------------------------------------------------------0-----|E--0--------------------------------------0-------------------------|
End on A/E (A). That's it! Hooray!
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