Jets To Brazil – Your X-rays tab

Left handed
			     "Your X-Rays..." - Jets To Brazil
Tabbed by: Mike Protas

Tuning: Standard

E5                   B5
maybe some day we'll meet again
A5                         E5
when our two roads hit the same dead end
    D5   A5               E5
and o-oh i'm counting the days
E5                             B5
you've got something that i've never since seen
  A5                  E5
a willing heart and a part that's clean
      D5 (riff 1) A5               E5
we're both        good at counting days

Riff 1:e|--------------------|B|--7---7---7---7-----|G|----9---9---9---9---|
A5 E5 with an ounce of intuition and your parents' ammunition A5 E5 you come here hungry wearing naked ambition D5 hysterical to meet you A5 E5 can you get me in? E5 B5 i got three years tied to the mast of this town A5 E5 she's a handsome ship but i'm going down D5 A5 E5 and o-oh she ain't coming with me E5 B5 there's a time to fight and a time to get out A5 E5 but you'll fight till we're all knocked out D5 A5 E5 and oh i keep counting teeth A5 E5 everyone's an artist with a pristine vision A5 E5 a cellular intelligencer with a fire in her kitchen D5 A5 (Riff 2) too many chefs on dope. and the rich don't listen
Riff 2e|------------------------------------------------------------|B|-----------7-------------7-------------7--------------------|G|-x-9---7-9-----x-9---7-9-----x-9---7-9----x-9---7-9--9--7---|D|-x-9-----------x-9-----------x-9----------x-9--------9--7---|A|-x-7-----------x-7-----------x-7----------x-7--------7--5---|E|-x-------------x-------------x------------x-----------------|
(Note: Throughout the chorus the number of times and endings of riff 2 change, you'll be to figure it out) C5 G5 A5 A5 B5 i am the rabbit wrapped in panic actor C5 G5 A5 (Riff 2) bag in a tree you will outlast the cast and me i gotta get some release! D5 A5 (Riff 2) it's up or out and the ladders on fire D5 A5 E5 she greased her frock with a smile that moves the sky E5 B5 surviving the insult day to day A5 E5 they give you the insult to make it go away D5 A5 E5 and o-oh what can i say? E5 B5 i got a wine swept smile and a well-timed mile A5 E5 i've been running since i heart they'd sooner see us die D5 A5 E5 than o-oh come and die next to us A5 E5 up to her knees in men keep hitting A5 E5 white suits fuck like bad television D5 A5 (Riff 2) latest simple angel come die next to me C5 G5 A5 A5 B5 i am a shifting shape a wire walker C5 G5 A5 coked with the hopes of happy happy ever after (Riff 2) i came to trial out of style D5 A5 (Riff 2) but i got my eye on a country mile D5 A5 (Riff 2) where the people you know are the ones you like --The ending is just variations of riff 2 that I didn't feel like tabbing-- Chords Used:
E5 B5 A5 D5 C5 G5e|--------|-----|-----|-----|-----|-----|B|--------|-----|-----|-----|-----|-----|G|-9------|--4--|--2--|--7--|--5--|-----|D|-9-or-2-|--4--|--2--|--7--|--5--|--5--|A|-7----2-|--2--|--0--|--5--|--3--|--5--|E|------0-|-----|-----|-----|-----|--3--|
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