Jewel – A Place In The Sun tab

A Place in the Sun ~Jewel
Capo 2
Standard Tuning

Intro: F2 Am7 Gsuse|---------0----0----0-------------0----0----0------------0----0----0------|B|-----1-----1----1----1---1---1-----1----1----1--1---1-----1----1----1---1|G|-------2-----------------------0-----------------------------------------|D|---3---------3----3----3---2---------2----------------0------------------|A|------------------------------------------0----0-------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------3---------3----3----3--|
Immediatly after intro begin strumming chords. C F In my younger years Am I cried all my tears G C In darkness all alone Uncertainty in the air F Am Electricity everywhere Tempers waiting to flare G F---C Waiting to explode Am It was like a dream C But I could not wake F I was drowining beneath the wake G Of the hope i would find my. C G place in the sun Em F My place in the sun C G My Place in the sun F--Am--G--C Just for me C F I moved into my car Am Didn't think I'd go very far G But i found the spotlight C It did not want my soul F People let me in your living rooms Am To listen to my simple tunes G F----C just like me people needed words for company Am C But I thought I'd find a kind of world F G Beyond my own with people who're just as alone And waiting to find their C G Place in the sun Em F Their place in the sun C G Their place in the sun F--C Just for beauty F Now i'm on the other side G Of my crazy kind of life F G I've seen fame and fortune, heartache, poverty F And I can see that everything really feels the same G And are you happy with your own name Am And I'm gonna fight, gonna be alright Bridge: **Strum each chord once and tap the guitar 3 times in rhythm C G Found my plaaaaaaace in the suuun Am G My place in theee suuuuuuuuuuun Continue strumming as normal. C G My plaaaaaaaaaace in the sun Em F Myyyyyyyyy place in the suuun C G Em Myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy F Place in the sun F-Am-Gsus-C Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh
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