Jewel - What You Are chords version 2

Em7     022033
G/B      x20033
D/B      x20032
A/C#    xxx650

DI'm driving around town
G/BKinda bored with the windows rolled down
D/BSee a girl on a bus stop bench
Em7Dressed to draw attention
DHoping everyone will stare
G/BIf she don't stand out she thinks she'll disappear
D/B A/C#I wish I could hold her, tell her, show her
G/B AWhat she wants is already there
DA star is a star
G/BIt doesn't have to try to shine
A/C#Water will fall
Em7A bird just knows how to to fly
DYou don't have to tell a flower how to bloom
G/BOr light how to fill up a room
Em7 GYou already are what you are
Dand what you are is beautiful
I think it repeats for other verses & chords, but unfortunately I didn't figure out the bridge. Heard a story the other day Took place at the local VA A father talking to his dying son This was his conversation ďItís not supposed to be like this You canít go first I canít handle itĒ The boy said ďDad now donít you cry, Remember when I was a child what you used to tell me when Iíd ask why?Ē (Youíd say) Gravity is gravity It doesnít try to pull you down Stone is stone It canít help but hold its ground The wind just blows, though you canít see Itís everywhere like Iíll always be You already are what you are And what you are is strong enough Look in the mirror Now thatss another story to tell I give love to others But I give myself hell Iíd have to tell myself ďIn every scene thereís a perfect planĒ Everything I hoped to be I already am A flower is a flower It doesnít have to try to bloom And light is light Just knows how to fill a room And dark is dark So the stars have a place to shine The tide goes out So it can come back another time Goodbye makes a love so sweet And love is love so it can teach us We already are what we are And what we are is beautiful And strong enough And good enough And bright enough
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