Jewel - Intuiton tab

Jewel: Intuition
These chords are different from the other versions out there.  These are easier
to play, but it still sounds okay if you want to play with the actual song.
This is the first song Iíve ever put on here.
*normal tuning*
X-indicates a string which is not to be played

Am   X02210
C    x32010
D    xx0232
E    022100  
F    xx3211
Am/F xx2211

*intro accordion*
Am            C                    D         E
  La da da da La da da da La da da da da      
Am					C
Iím just a simple girl, in a high-tech digital world. 
D					E
I really try to understand all the powers that rule this land.
They say Ms. Jís big butt is boss,
Kate Moss canít find a job.
D						E
In a world of post-modern fad, what was good now is bad. 
Am         F     Am     E 
Itís not hard to understand 
Am         F        E
Just follow this simple plan.

Am                          F
Follow your heart, your intuition.
Am                D              E
It will lead you in the right direction.
Am                            F
Let go of you mind, your intuition
AM                        D               E
Itís easy to find just follow your heart beat babe.

Am            C                    D         E
  La da da da La da da da La da da da da      
(Chords are the same for this verse)
You look at me but youíre not quite sure.
Am I it or could you get more?
You learn cool from magazines,
You learn love from Charlie Sheen.
Am       F      Am      E
If you want me let me know,
Am    F          E
I promise I wonít say no.

Am                                 Am/F
You got something that you want to sell?
Am              E
Sell your sin, just cash in.
Am                                 Am/F
You got something that you want to tell?
Am            E
You love me, wait and see.
Am                     Am/F
ĎCause if you want me, donít play games
Am                  E
I promise it wonít be in vein.
Ah ah ah

*Chorus repeats over and over again until the end*

TIP:  picking style sounds best of you use 4 beats
Ex: for the Am hit just the A string twice and then strum twice.  Play the other
chords like that except for the Am/F which sounds good if you just strum it
once.  If you play with the song it will help you get the rhythm.

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