Jewel - I Belong With You tab

I belong with you - Jewel
Tabbed By Kyle Morrison

Capo 1 EADGBe Played at the end of each chorusEm 022000 Am C/B (C slow Strum) EmD x00232 e|-----------------------------0----------0--|G 320033 B|-----1---------------------1------------0--|Bm x24432 G|---0---------------0-----0--------------0--|Am x02210 D|-2--------------0------2----------------2--|Am7 x02013 A|--------------2------3------------------2--|C 332010 E|----------------------------------------0--|Dsus x00233 "Coulds in the sky of blue i belong with you"
Em D G Em Tonight i have the strangest feeling Em D G Em look for answers on hotel ceilings Em D when did my heart first feel this way G Bm being alone used to be just fine D G now life without you is just passing time Em D G thought i heard you call my name Em D G i reached for your hand it was in vein Em D when you're not here feels like a hole in my chest G Bm Am get dressed, look in the mirror say your gone D/Dsus I'll never be the same : G Am So i drive to you tonight C/B C I was blind now I have sight Em Bm I could not leave you even if i tried Am D/Dsus your heart beats inside of me G Am like a star in the dark of night C/B C (Pluck in this order the e B D e B D e B D strings) like birds lost in flight (instructions above) like clouds in the sky of blue Em D G I belong with you (same as Verse 2) i've been together but alone i've made love without love being shown i've seen sorrow in a pair of dice all things that came in twos made me cry until tonight Em D can't stop, won't stop G love is what we got know i reach the top D when i put my arms around you Em D can't stop, won't stop C you are all i want
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