Jewel - Stephenville Tx tab

Jewel - Stephenville, TX

Capo 2

I'll call this G*: G G/Ce|---3333----3333-----|B|---3333----3333-----|G|---0000----0000-----|D|---0000----0000-----|A|-------2h3----------|E|-3------------------|
Intro: G* >>Verse 1: G* Housewives trying to recapture their youth C add 9 by wearing floral print and suede G* fixing their hair doos with PC chemical free hairspray C add 9 Martha stewart taught 'em to make on TV G* I was raised a farm girl I'm too far from home all alone on the road trying to figure out who I am C add 9 Now that the star dust has turned to sand the sand has turned to stone G* the star making machine >>Chorus: D I'm 30 years old that ain't the end G* sure ain't where i began ..................................... >>Chorus: i'm 30 years old that ain't the end sure ain't where i began G guess that just means it's texas Outro:
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