Jewel – Dont tab

Introduction: G G/B G G F# E|---------3----------------------3----------------------3------------|------3---------------------3----------------------3----------------|----0--------0------------0---------0----------0---------0----------|--------------------------------------------------------------------|-----------------------2--------------------------------------------|3-------------------------------------------3---------------3---2--0
D H|2--------2-----------0---------0---------0^2--------2--------3---2-0|------3----------------------3--------------------3-----------------|----2---------2------------2--------2----------2----------2---------|0--------------------0-------------------0--------------------------|--------------------------------------------------------------------|--------------------------------------------------------------------
C|--------0-----------------------0----------H-----------0------------|2-----2--------------0-------0------------0^1------1---------3--1--0 |---0---------0-------------0--------0-----------0---------0---------|--------------------------------------------------------------------|3--------------------3--------------------3-------------------------|--------------------------------------------------------------------
G G/B G G/B |--------3----------------3--------------3----------------3----------|-----3----------------3---------------3---------------3-------------|--0--------0-------0--------0-------0------0-------0--------0-------|--------------------------------------------------------------------|----------------2-------------------------------2-------------------|3-------------------------------3----------------------------------- >_Slowing down_____>_______>____>_____
The rest is the same but you must slow down when you start singing. Maybe you must listen to the song to find out how to control not just the speed but the volume too, because those two aspects give that special touch to the piece.The technical aspects are not so complicated as the interpretation and feeling while playing and singing this song. DON'T (chord progression): G D C Str. Ft. Ft. Ft. 6 G (3) E (0) E (0) Str.=string 5 B (2) A (0) C (3) Ft.=fret 4 D (0) D (0) E (2) 3 G (0) A (2) G (0) 2 D (3) D (3) C (1) 1 G (3) F#(2) E (0) (just bass 6str) G G/B G G F# E D C Don't walk too close Don't breathe so soft Don't talk so sweet G G/B G G F# E D C G G/B G G F# E D Don't sing Don't lay oh so near Please, don't let me fall in G G/B G love with you again (just bass 6str) G G/B G G F# E D C Please let me forget all those sweet smiles all of the passion (just bass 6str) G G/B G G F# E D all of the heat, the peace, the pain all those blue skies G G/B G where your words were my freedom (just bass 6str) G G/B G G F# E D G G/B G Please, don't let me fall in love with you again (just bass 6str) G G/B G G F# E D C Too many times I've cared too much I stood on the edge (just bass 6str) G B/G G G F# E D and saw that you held my hand and knowing too well C G G/B G G F# E D I couldn't hide from those eyes Please, don't let me fall (just bass 6str) G F# E D G G/B G Don't let me fall in love with you again
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