Jez Lowe – The High Part Of The Town chords


G Every Sunday we go walking to the high part of the town,
D C GEver since me father went up there and he found half a crown.
G He said 'this is easy money, the conditions can't be beat!'
D C GWe've never found a penny more, but it keeps us off the street.
C GKeep your hands down in your pockets,
C GAnd your eyes down on the ground,
C GFor the streets are lined with silver,
D7 GIn the high part of the town.
GOur house is not so crowded since me mum, she ran away,
D C GShe'd rather live from hand to mouth than live from day to day.
GWell me father's often lonely, but it's a blessing in disguise;
D C GIt's cured me mother's headaches and its cured me dad's black eyes.
GWell a man came from the council for to make me go to school.
D C GHe asked me lots of questions then he told me lots of rules.
GThen they tried to teach geography, but I found it much too hard;
D C GWhen they asked me where does coal come from, I answered 'next door's yard!'
GLast Sunday night me father had a bit too much to sup,
D C GAnd he swapped his brand new overcoat for a seven-week-old pup.
GThey said it is was a bull dog, he believed them I suppose.
D C GWe found it was a poodle with a badly broken nose!
GWell, they sent me home from school last week, 'cause they said that I had nits,
D C GMe mother said she was ashamed, but I was thrilled to bits.
GThe other kids were green with envy, so I knew just what to do;
D C GI sold them nits at ten pence each, and they all got sent home too!
GNow me father said someday we'll live in the high part of the town,
D C GBut every time he gets a job they close the colliery down.
GIt's not when the pits are closing when me father's troubles start;
D C GIt's when they close the pubs as well, it nearly breaks his heart!
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