Jez – Mirrors Apart tab

Mirrors apart

G         320033
Gz       200033
Gy       020033
Gx       002033
C         032010
Em       022000
D         000232
Am      002210

this song has a weird finger picking thing to it. The intro is the same as the first 2lines of each half verse.

So this is the intro 1-2 line thing.G Gz Gy-3-----3----3------3---3----3------3---3----3---------------------------------------------------------|-----3-----3-----------3---3-----------3---3----------------------------------------------------------|---0-----0-----------0---0-----0-----0---0------------------------------------------------------------|-------------0-0--------------0--------------- 0------------------------------------------------------|-------2-----------------0----------------2-----------------------------------------------------------|-3------------------2----------------0----------------------------------------------------------------|
Intro: G Gz Gy Gx x2 G Gz When I wake up every morning Gy Gx Will that song be on my mind C Em D Will I start to smile as I pour my cup of tea G Gz If I?m dreaming as I turn the car on Gy Gx Will I run out of time C Em D Can I ever be the same I used to be G Gz If I?m walking down the sidewalk Gy Gx And I pause and start to smile C Em D Will all the people know I?ve caught your sent G Gz If a simple daily task Gy Gx Just seams to take me quite awhile C Em D Will they know where all my senses ever went? Chorus: C G Mirrors apart C G Day after day C G What if I never C D come back your way C G I know ill be OK Am C if I can make it through another night Am C Am But I don?t want to try Intro x1 G Gz If I see a certain movie Gy Gx Hear a song or just a word C Em D will an instinct make me reach out for your hand? G Gz It doesn?t matter really Gy Gx what I?ve seen or what I?ve heard C Em D Doesn?t take that much for fires to be fanned Chorus Bridge: G C Em C G No I don?t wanna try don?t wanna face another day without you chorus
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