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Jil Is Lucky – The Wanderer tab ver. 2

All tabs of this song I've seen before are incomplete or sounds weird.
Even the official tab from their page.
I've modified the official one to get exactly the sound of this great song:

Capo 4: (Chords are written for this capo) 

CHORDS: G: 300033 or 300333 A#: 112221 Cm: 335543 Dm: 000231 D#: 668886 F: 133211 A: 002220 D9: 000212 MAIN: G There are flowers in my room A# And they don't need a job Cm G They just need time to grow and die G And the lovers on their cloud A# don't give a shit about the morning no Cm G They're here to try to stay side by side
But it's so hard AE-|--------------0---|B-|--------------2---|G-|--------------2---|D-|--------------2---|A-|----1--3------0---|E-|--------------0---|
BRIDGE: A Dm 'Cause the morning always come to kill the dream D# F You had the night before CHORUS: G Well I'm dragging myself A# All along the pavement Cm Up in the sky D9 There's someone behind G And he's guiding my steps A# Up and down the life stairs Cm D9 It helps me there by leaving again MAIN: And I'm walking all damned day Day after day But it's okay, I'm on my way Wandering again From the West to the East I try to resist But it's so hard not to fall BRIDGE: 'Cause the morning always come to kill the dream You had the night before CHORUS: Well I'm dragging myself All along the pavement Up in the sky There's someone behind And he's guiding my steps Up and down the life stairs It helps me there by leaving again
ENDING:E-|- 0--222---------------3--3-------|B-|--2--111---------------3--3-------|G-|--2--222---------------3--3-------|D-|--2--000---------------1—-1-------|A-|--0--000---1-0---------1--1-------|E-|--0--000--------3-2----3--3-------|
And this's all. Maybe it sounds better if you play it by fingerpick alternating E and A strings. For example:|----0---0---0---0----------------0--||----2---2---2---2- ---2--||----2---2---2---2- instead of ---2--||------------------ ---2--||--0-------0----------------------0--||------0-------0------------------0--|
by @jucaranlu Official Jil is lucky tab:
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