Jill Sobule - Lucy At The Gym tab version 1

I figured out the intro which can also be used for the verses. Pre-Chorus and Chorus I 
been able to tab or figured out the chords for.

A variation of F, to some extent, is the main chord here. NOT F barre chord.

This is how it should look:

E----0-------0-------0--------0---| x 8B------1-------1-------1--------1-|G---2-------0-------2-------0-----|D-3-------2-------0-------2-------|A---------------------------------|E---------------------------------|
You can double-up with a second guitar that can strum the chords: F/C/Am/G - All natural chords, nothing fancy. Example: F C Am G Lucy at the gym. F C Am G She's there everytime I go. F C Am G And I don't go that often. F C Am G So she must live at the gym.
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