Jilted John – Jilted John tab

Jilted John Guitar tab by lilredroostie@tiscali.co.uk

Tuning:   use heavy gauge strings .56 to .13  
          tune to C


|--------||--------||---9--9-||-9-9--9-| |-9-7--7-||-7------|
|---------||---------| MAIN section|---9-x-9-| Repeat with variation & syncopation throughout song.|-9-9-x-9-||-9-7-x-7-||-7-------|
BASS RUN section "here we go , two , three , four" as a bonus you can do both parts on a C tuned guitar and the bass part wont sound out of place in the arrangement.
|----------------|----------------||----------------|----------------||----------------| ---------------||----------------|---------2-2-4-4||---------2-2-4-4|-0-0-4-4--------||-0-0-4-4--------|----------------|
|----------------|--------------------------------------||----------------|--------------------------------------||----------------| -----------------------------9-x-9---||----------------|-0-0--------------2-x-2-----2-9-x-9---||---------2-2-4-4|-----4-4-2-2------2-x-2-----2-7-x-7---||-0-0-4-4--------|-------------4-4--0-x-0-----0---------|
.................................... BACK TO MAIN SECTION (use your own variations, play loosley) ------------------------------------------------------------- if you dont have a bass player a second guitar can be tuned to drop B heavy C string dropped two semitones down to B for this version of the main riff on heavy one finger power chords using an octaver makes for real heavy punk if you do have a bass player hes going to need a five string for the low B and C or some seriously heavy strings!
|---------||---------||---9-x-9-| |-9-9-x-9-||-9-7-x-7-||-9-------|
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