Jim And The Povolos - Holiday Club chords version 2

Holiday Club  Jim and The Povolos

Capo 6

I found these chords on someone's youtube video :babouchecmoi

GI can't remember when
AmI truly felt my life begin
CSo much has changed
AmI've become a stranger again
GYou are my life right now and
AmI can't remember how
CI ever did it without you
Am GI'll be thinking about you today
G C AmToday, today, today
Instrumental : Variation sur D4/D/D*/C x2
CSuddenly you're there
D4/DEverything we share
D*/DWe play with each other's hair
CThis can't really be fair
CKnowing you're nearby
D4/DKeeping our feet dry
D*/DSharing a pizza pie
CDon't even need to try.
H (11 11 11 11 11 13 ss capo) No hesitations
Am(5)Need no occasion
Em D(5) C(3)Look how much we have done
(3e)0/2-(4e)0 G I'm feeling silly now
AmThinking how I could ever doubt
CWe'd be together
AmI'll be here whenever you say
GI'll bring the DVDs
AmYou bring those chunks of cheese
CMaybe we'll dance
AmJust give it a chance
GLet's play
G C AmPlay, play, play
Instrumental : Variation sur D4/D/D*/C x2
CLaughing til we scream
D4/DBetter than it seems
D*/DBetter than any dream
CYou know how much you mean
CThen when the day ends
D4/DAnd if the time lends
D*/DI only want to spend
CTime with these friends
HNo reservations
Am(5)Pure liberation
Em D(5)C(3)Look how much we have done
G Am C AmYouuuuu better meet me at the Holiday Club tonight
(repeat) End on G
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