Jim Cuddy - Making My Way To You tab version 1

E                   C#m                      Ab           F#m
I walked for hours, couldnt work it through, sun found me fading to blue.
      E             B             C#m7      A            E         B      E
And I know what you tell me won't always be true, as I'm making my way to you.
E                     C#m              Ab                   F#m
Can't see the reason, cant really say, why I hold you then, I pushed you away.
       E            B       C#m7     A       E          B         E
As I'm watching the face of eternity change, I'm making my way to you.
Ab                                                 C#m
There was a time in my life when everything seemed new.
Ab                                             C#m
No point in changing or rearranging anything I do.
F#                                                       B    B7
But now I'm spinning out in all directions at once, it's true.
   Abm                         Ab                          A
Oh help me darling, help me please, I'm sinking down to my knees.
         E          B              C#m7       A             E         B      E
And I've tried everything but your so hard to please as I'm making my way to you.
Repeat Part 1 during interlude
Repeat bridge
Repeat part 1 - (the last verse/chorus is a little different you have to repeat the section
                E, B, Cm7, A a few times before you do the E, B, Am and then E, B, E)
Ending - C, C#m
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