Jim Orourke - Memory Lame chords

Memory Lame - Jim O'Rourke
tabbed by Cormac Gartland at macbethyname@yahoo.com
Fuckin' awesome tune frm a goddamn genius...

C     X32010
Asus2 X02200
Am    X02210
G     355433
F 133211C/E X7555X (if you don't want to do the riff, a simple c chord suffices)
G* 32003X D7/F# 2X021X Am/C X3221X Am/G 3X221X Fmaj7 1X221X Intro C
C Asus2 AmIt's quite a gamble to speak outta place
C Asus2 AmThose things could kill you, but so could yr face
(this is so you can play the riff w/ the chords semi-comfy [optional])|----------------------------------||--------------------------3/5--5--||--------------------------x-x--x--| 2x|--5-5--/9--7--3-3--/7--5--x-x--x--||--------------------------5/7--7--||--3-3--/7--5--1-1--/5--3----------|
C Asus2 AmWhat occupies me pays a low rent
C Asus2 AmBecause fondness makes the heart grow absent
G F C/EThese things I say may seem to be cruel
G F C/E /C /B to show you something from my heart to you:
Am G* D7/F# Fmaj7lookin' at you reminds me of looking at the sun
Am/C Am/G and how the blind are so damn
lucky|------||-1-1--||-0h2--||-0h2--| repeat a few times|-x-x--| listen to the album for timing and bass notes|-1-1--|
C Asus2 AmThose holes on yr face could be used better ways
C Asus2 Ambreathing's a distraction when you chatter away
G F C/Ethese things I say may seem to be lies
G F C/Eto seem risque or sensationalize
C Asus2 Ambut too many people can remember yr name
C Asus2 Amalways walking you down Memory Lame
G F C/Ethese things I say may seem to offend
G F C/E /C /Bbut not half as much as I'd like to intend
Am G* D7/F# Fmaj7'Cause listenin' to you reminds me of a motor's endless drone
Am/C Am/G Fmaj7 (same as before)and how the deaf are so damn lucky
C Asus2 AmI could be happy if life came to a stall
C Asus2 Amthen I wouldn't need my senses at all
G F C/EThese things I say may seem out of line
G F C/E /C /Bbut day to day I'm right every time
Am G* D7/F# Fmaj7 Am/C Am/G'cause lookin' at you reminds me of looking at the sun
Fmaj7 (again with the hammer-ons on the same frets just different rhythm) too long
and then:|--0-0-0-0--||--0h1-1-1--||--0-0-0-0--| once again, follow album for timing|--2-2-2-2--||--3-3-3-3--||-----------|
(w/ hammer-ons)
Fmaj7You'll find that in no time
Cyou'll be talkin' to yrself along w/ everybody else
Fmaj7then you'll despise the look in their eyes
Cit may be difficult to tell when yr looking at yrself
Fmaj7 C
Fmaj7And you look fine if you don't mind
Cthe empty look that on yr face, a black hole that's outta place
Fmaj7And out of time in a tight bind
Cyou'll find something smart to say when a silence come yr way
(this part is hard to decipher, just play ugly chords, I guess) (this is what I do:) 1X221X X0231X X1221X X2332X X2343X C /C /B
there you have it
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