Jim Reeves – I Wont Come In While Hes There tab

Left handed
Intro (D)/// (G)/// (D)/// (A) 

Thought I'd (D) stop by a-(A)-while and (D) see you
Just once more be-(D7)-fore I leave (G) town
But his car's parked there in your (D) driveway 
And I see the curtain's pulled (A) down

I won't (D) bother to (A) ring your (D) doorbell
I'm not sure just how (D7) much I can (G) bear
I might do something I'd be sorry for (D) later 
So I won't come (A) in while he's (D) there

Does he (A) know my whole world is in there (D) with him
That he's (A) king while he sits there in my (D) chair
I'd like to tell you just how much I still (G) love you
But I (D) won't come (A) in while he's (D) there
No I won't come (A) in while he's (G) therrrrrrr-(D)-re
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