Jimi Hendrix - Who Knows tab

This is one of the best hendrix tunes. This tab is for the version that was played on 
years eve at the filmore east.

Tune down half a step
(Eb, Ab, Db,Gb,Bb an eb)

intro and verseeb|----------------------------------------------|Bb|----------------------------------------------|Gb|----------------------------------10b~--------|Db|---12-12-12-10-12-10--------------10b~--------|Ab|---------------------12-11-10-----------------|Eb|------------------------------10--------------|
or you could do it like thiseb|----------------------------------------------|Bb|----------------------------------------------|Gb|----------------------------------10b~--------|Db|---12-12-12-10-12~----------------10b~--------|Ab|---------------------12-11-10-----------------|Eb|------------------------------10--------------|
Later on as the song goes on you play it an octave lower
As for the solo do what you like in the A minor blues scale which is: (these are the fret numbers for where you solo eb|578 10 12 Bb|578 10 12 Gb|5789 11 Db|57 Ab|567 Eb|58 Eb|
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