Jimmy Bondoc – Let Me Be The One chords

Let Me Be The One
Jimmy Bondoc

G CSomebody told me you were leavinÂ’
G-CI didnÂ’t know
G CSomebody told me youÂ’re unhappy
Bm EBut it doesnÂ’t show
C G/Bm Am-DSomebody told me that you donÂ’t want me no more
GSo youÂ’re walkinÂ’ out the door
G CNobody told me youÂ’ve been cryinÂ’
G-CEvery night
G CNobody told me youÂ’d been dyinÂ’
Bm EBut didnÂ’t want to fight
C Bm E AmNobody told me that you fell out of love from me
D GSo IÂ’m settinÂ’ you free
C BmLet me be the one to break it up
Am GSo you wonÂ’t have to make excuses
C We donÂ’t need to find a set up where
Am GSomeone wins and someone loses
C BWe just have to say our love was true
E ABut has now become a lie
Am G/Bm AmSo IÂ’m tellinÂ’ you I love you one last time
C-G/Bm-Bb-A,And goodbye
G CSomebody told me you still loved me
G-CDonÂ’t know why
G C Nobody told me that you only
Bm ENeeded time to fly
C G/Bm Am-DSomebody told me that you want to come back when
GOur love is true again
[ref then bridge]
CJust turn around and walk away
Bm Am-DYou donÂ’t have to live like this
Bm EIf you love me still then stay
C BbDonÂ’t keep me waiting for that final kiss
E BmWe can work together through this test
C BmOr we can work through it apart
Bb EbI just need to get this off my chest
Am DThat you will always have my heart
[ref] ----BENJ
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