Jimmy Buffett - Savannah Fare You Well tab

e|-------------------------------------|B|----6----6----5--5----6----6----5--5-|G|----5----5----5--5----5----5----5--5-| X5D|--0----0----0-------0----0----0------|A|-------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------|
"I gotta feelin that the dark side of the moon...."e|-----------------|B|----8---8---7--7-|G|----7---7---7--7-| X4D|--0---0---0------|A|-----------------|E|-----------------|
Then he starts to hit just one, like this:
Listen to the song to catch the beat Its like that for all the verses but i can't figure out the chorus. If anyone finds that can please repost with corrections. Thanks
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