Jimmy Buffett – Tampico Trauma tab

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From: mhall@moe.coe.uga.edu (Mike Hall)

@SONG: Tampico Trauma
@CHORDS: Mike A. Hall (mhall@moe.coe.uga.edu)
Tampico Trauma
By: Jimmy Buffett

   **  At the places notated "5th, 4th, 3rd" stand for an "A" chord
   **  fingering on that particular fret.  Specifically, 5th - |xo555o|
   **  4th - |xo444o|  3rd - |xo333o|  A - |xo222o|

Intro: (run of)  5th  4th  3rd  A  (repeat)

  5th         4th    3rd    A
I must look a mess I must admit
   5th          4th        3rd     A
But I have been travelling quite a bit

     South of the Border
     Where the law and order
        D                          E
     Is kept by Federales who just grin
         5th                4th     3rd     A
     And tell you they just want to be your friend

(repeat run)
I left for Tampico last July
I jumped off that boat I almost died

     There to greet us
     Were pretty senoritas
       D                               E
     I swore that I would not go home then

(repeat run)
All those lovely ladies were my friends
All those sweet chiquitas they don't pretend


(repeat run)
That is all I really want to say
I was thrown out of the country yesterday

     (See I was)  drinkin' double
     Causin' lots of trouble
              D                                          E
     When the man looked in the window of the bar and he grinned
                   5th                  4th      3rd      A
     And said, "If you come back we just may not be your friend"

(repeat run)
"I don't want to see you 'round here again"
"If you come back next time we may not..."  (Hidy ho' boys!)
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