Jimmy Buffett – Sea Of Heartbreak tab

Intro:  G D

G                 Em          C 	               D
The lights in the harbor      don't shine for me
G               Em            C             D
I'm like a lost ship          lost on the sea

            G                                D
 The sea of heartbreak         lost love and loneliness
                  G                      C
 memories of your caress       so divine  i wish 
               G                        D
 you were mine again my dear;  I'm on a sea of tears
          G                    D
 A sea of heartbreak

G         Em                  C           D
How did i lose you            where did i fail
G           Em                C         D
Why did you leave me          always to sail

 (repeat chorus)
           C                        G
(bridge)   Oh what I's give just to sail back to shore
           C                    D7
           back to you arm once more

G             Em              C            D
So come to my rescue          come here to me
G           Em                C              D
Take me and keep me           away from this sea

(repeat chorus)

         G                D   
A sea of heartbreak     

   Fade out with G and D
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