Jimmy Buffett - A Lot To Drink About tab

Intro Chords: C

Verse 1
Up on the East side of Manhattan,
                 F             C
Theyíre still dancing with the stars.
      F                  C
While over in sub prime city,
Itís getting angry in the local bars
F                      C
Watching the news only gives me the blues
Thereís too much going wrong.
              F                      C
It takes the likes of me to hit the reboot key
            G                    C      
and write a high speed drinking song.

Verse 2

Millionaires losing everything.
Hey, welcome to the other side of life!
There goes the yacht, there goes the Rolls,
But, you get to keep your wife!
And donít forget the automakers
swimming up stream like a trout.
They let the shi* hit the fan
and then they made a plan
Weíve got a lot to drink about.


Itís the price of oil,
the war of the spoils.
Whereís your bucket for the big bailout?
F               C
Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan,

Weíve got a lot to drink about.

Verse 3

Now, Madoff made off with all the money.
Now his clients are down to skunk weed.
Repeat after me, itís so easy to see
Weíre only talking simple greed.
And those Somalian pirates are counting all the gold.
While Bush and Cheney ainít around
and all the good lookers seem to be Czech hookers
from Key West to London town.

Chorus 2

      Bb                   F
So pour me some Tennessee whiskey,
Bb                        F
pour me a fine Jamaican rum.
That loud mouth soup
gets me kind of looped
D                             G
Tequila, of course Iíll have some!

Verse 4

Now the family devalues
and little children count their net worth
and the truth wherever itís hiding,
can be found on Google Earth.
Citibankís buying jets with our money.
I wanna flog Ďem with a buggy whip.
I hope Obama and Joe wonít let the volcano blow
and patch the hole in our sinking ship.


Outro (Verse)

Recession, Depression, the question good God
CNN keeps bumming me out.
I canít take another doomsday moment.
We got a lot to drink, a lot to think,
a lot to drink about.
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