Jimmy Buffett – African Friend chords

Another one for all you Parrotheads!!

By Jimmy Buffett

                         AFRICAN FRIEND

DDisembarking at Duvalier airport
A7 G DSeeking transportation to town
D As the purple ink dried on his passport
A7 G D He could still feel the eyes look around.
DMessieur ou y est casino?
A7 G DHe spoke to the cabbie and smiled
DThe driver replied: vieux ou noveaux?
A7 G DAs he motioned the dark man inside.
Fm DBusiness in Aruba concluded
E7 AHe now had a little money to spend
G A7 DThat's how I came to meet my African friend.
DWe were rolling the bones several hours
A7 G DConversing as most gamblers do
D We were calling on all of our powers
A7 G DHoping to see the night through.
D G DBut not approving at all of our winnings
A7 G DThe pit boss he tugged at his sleeve
D Through the whole thing my new friend was grinning
A7 G DThen he motioned it's time we should leave.
Fm D With our night at the tables behind us
E7 AWe were ready just to do it again
G A7 DThat's when I came to know my African friend.
D But I woke up on the steps of a whorehouse
A7 G DA soldier told me I'd better leave
DAs I stumbled to find me a taxi
A7 G DI saw a note pinned to my sleeve.
D G DIt was a pleasure and a hell of an evenin
A7 G DTruly was our night to win
DBut the authorities insist on my leaving
A7 G D Take care my American friend.
Fm DWith my weekend at Haiti concluded
E7 AI now had a little money to spend
G A7 DThat's when I came to meet my African friend
G A7 DThat's how I came to know another good friend.
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