Jimmy Buffett - Havana Daydreamin chords version 1

Bm/A C#m/A xe x x
b 3 5 g 4 6 d 4 6 a 0 0 e x x Intro A-Bm/A-C#m/A-Bm/A
A Bm/A C#m/A Bm/A fill AStashed his trash in Ecuador
A Bm/A C#m/A Bm/ABought a good suit of clothes
A Bm/A C#m/A Bm/A fill BFlew on up to Mexico
A Bm/A C#m/A Bm/AStandin' by the shore
DWaitin' for some mystery man
To pay him for his time But thinkin' about all the money he'd made
ACouldn't help to ease his mind
Bm/AHavana daydreamin'
C#m/A Bm/ABoy he's just dreamin'
intro , fill A then fill C His life away
A Bm/A C#m/A Bm/AHis daddy chopped that sugar cane
A Bm/A C#m/A Bm/AOne day he fell dead
A Bm/A C#m/A Bm/AJesus had a wanderin' feelin'
A Bm/A C#m/a Bm/ASwimmin' around in his head
DSailin' on a midnight boat
There were no questions asked The water so green and the air was so clean
AHe just stuck right to his task
Bm/A C#m/AHavana daydreamin'
Bm/A ABoy he's just schemin'
Bm/A C#m/A Bm/A intro
His life away----------------------------------------------------------------------------|---17-----------------------------------------------------------------------|---16bx3 r14----14-----------------------14----16b-16-14-16b----------------|-------------16----16--14---------14-16-------------------------------------|----------------------------14/16-------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------------------------------------|
----------------------------------------------------|---17------------14---------------------------------|---16bx3 r14-----14-16--14--------------14----------|-------------16-----16--14--------14 16-------------|----------------------------14/16-------------------|----------------------------------------------------|
(piano instrumental) intro
A Bm/A C#m/A Bm/A fill ACeilin' fan it stirs the air
A Bm/A C#m/A Bm/A Fill BCigar smoke does swirl
A Bm/A C#m/A Bm/AThe fragrance on the pillowcase
A Bm/A C#m/A Bm/AAnd he thinks about the girl
DSpillin' wine and sharin' good times
She sure could make him smile He pays her well but what the hell
AHe'll be movin' in a little while
A Bm/A C#m/A Bm/AHavana daydreamin'
A Bm/A C#m/A Bm/ABoy he's just dreamin'
Am Bm/A C#m/A Bm/A intro fill CHis life away
Havana daydreamin' Boy he'll be dreamin' His life away....
Fill A-------------------------|-------------------------|---16b16b-16-14------14--|-----------------16------|-------------------------|-------------------------|
Fill B---------------------------|---------------------------|---16b16b-14-16b-14--------|---------------------------|---------------------------|---------------------------|
Fill C---------------------------------|---------------------------------|-----------2---------------------|------2-4------------------ *4-|--2/4----------------------------|---------------------------------|
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