Jimmy Buffett - A Sailors Christmas chords

A D A sail on the horizon's got a land fall rendezvous
A The captain steers a well know course
D He steers her straight and true
G D As he trims the sheets he sings a song
Em A He learned on boats and bars
G D A sailor spends his Christmas
A D In a harbor 'neath the stars"
He's travel through the doldrums, typhoons and hurricanes He's logged a million soggy miles with water on the brain But Christmas is the season better suited for dry land He'll tell some lies, meet some spies And dance barefoot in the sand Chorus
Bm A sailor spends his Christmas in
G A A harbor on the hook
G D G D cali, calais no work today
E A Let's shelve the old log book
G D The waterfront is reveling
Em A The season has begun
G D A sailor spends his Christmas
A D In a harbor having fun
There's a party down at Le Select All music, rum and cheer Faces in the shadows God I haven't seen for years The masts and shrouds are filled with lights 'Neath the waning of the moon There's an air of celebration in The realm of King Neptune Chorus Instrumental Jesus was a fisherman who walked upon the sea The North Pole is the ocean's remote frozen balcony The continents keep drifting The children sing and play Cause nothing really matters After all its Christmas day Chorus A sailor spends his Christmas in the harbor having fun
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