Jimmy Buffett – Steamer tab

Jimmy Buffet

3/4 time 每 每 Capo 2

Intro/Outro 每 (beats) 每/ . . / . . / . . / . . / . . / . . /
每每 每 每 每 每 每 (chords) 每G 每 每 C 每 每 G 每 每 C 
D C G 每 每 C 每 每 G

每每 每 每 每 每 每 每 每 每 每 每 每 D 每 每 每 每 G 每 每 每 每 每 每 每 每 每 每C 每 每 每 D
1) 每 每 I remember 每that 每Steamer, 每 每 the time you 每set sail
2) 每 每 I can see myself 每dreaming, 每 每the time you came home
3) 每 每 I remember that 每 winter, 每 每first time we 每made love 每 每 每 每
5) Most of all it's that steamer, 每 每 the time you 每set sail

每每 每 每 每 每 每 每 每 每 每 每 G 每 每 每 每D 每 每 每 每 每 每 每Em 每 每 每 每 每 每 
C 每 每 每D
每每 每 每 每The crowd was steaming, streaming, and leaning on the rail
每每 每 每 每Your face was gleaming, seeming 每 每to 每stand 每 每 out alone
Oh, 每I still kind 每of shiver, a little at what I'm 每thinking of 每 每 每 每 How
Ah, the crowds always steaming, streaming, and leaning on the rail

每每 每 每 每   每           每G 每 每D 每 C 每 每 每D 每          
       每G 每 每 每D 每 C
Then the big whistle blew, 每 每 每 and I lost 每my 每 每place
每每 每The dinner bell chimed 每 每 每 and I found my 每 每seat
your dress it just folded, 每 每all down around your knees
Then the big whistle blows 每 每and I always lose my place

每每 每 每 每 每 每 每 每Am 每 每 每 每 每 每 每 每D 每 每 每 每 每 每 每 每 每 每 每 每 G 
每 每C 每 每G
每Next 每thing I knew 每 每 每 每 每 每 每 每 每I could not find your face.
每Your eyes met mine 每 每 每 每 每 每 每 每 每 每your smile 每 was so sweet.
And I held my breath, my god, my girl, 'cause I could not believe. (Instr)
每Next 每thing I know, 每 每 每 每 每 每 每 每 I 每cannot 每find 每your face

4) Insturmental (use same chord pattern)

E------------------------------------------------------------------------------|B------------------------------------------------------------------------------|G-----------11--13--14----13---11--------11--13--14----13----11----------------|D-14-14-14---------------------------14----------------------------------------|A------------------------------------------------------------------------------| Harmonica soloE--------------------------------------------------------------- then verse 5--|
Instrumental note:每 The 10-10-10-9 is actually a 9 bent to 10, then return to 9. The 7th note on the lead is actually a 10 quickly bent to 11. Not sure how to write that out without making it too complicated so I just wrote the generic notes. 每每 每
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