Jimmy Buffett – Delaney Talks To Statues chords

Intro(Capo at IV): A, E, B, E x4

A E B EDelaney talks to statues
A B EAs she dances 'round the pool
A E B EShe chases cats through roman ruins
A B EAnd stomps on big toadstools
A E B EShe speaks a language all her own
A E B EThat I cannot discover
A E B EBut she knows I love her so
A E B EWhen I tuck her 'neath the covers
A E B EFather, daughter
A E B EDown by the water
A E B EShells sink, dreams float
A E B ELife's good on our boat
Verse 2 (same as 1) Delaney draws me pictures She finger paints the sand We chase the dogs and hop like frogs Then I do my bad handstand She's growing up too fast for me And asking lots of questions Some I know the answers to And some I'm looking for suggestions CHORUS 2 (same as 1) Father, daughter Born by the water Surf's up, sun's down Life in a beach town BRIDGE
C#m G#m And some of the things I've seen
Bm AMaybe she won't have to see
C#m G#mBut there's a lot I want to pass along
D AThat was handed down to me
Verse 3 (same) Delaney talks to statues As she dances 'round the pool She chases cats through Roman ruins And stomps on big toadstools She speaks a language all her own Just a little like her mother And she knows I love her so When I tuck her 'neath the covers Chorus 3 (same) Father, daughter Down by the water Shells sink, dreams float Life's good on our boat
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