Jimmy Buffett – African Friend chords ver. 2

Disem[G]barking at [C]Duvalier [G]Airport
[D]Seeking transpor[C]tation to [G]town
As the [G]purple ink [C]dried on his [G]passport
He could [D]still feel the [C]eyes look a[G]round

[G]"Monsieur ou est [C] le casi[G] no"
He [D]spoke to the [C] cabbie and [G]smiled
[G]Driver replied [C] "vieux ou [G]nouveau"
As he [D] motioned the [C] dark man [G]inside

               [Bm]Business in Aruba con[C]cluded
               He now [Am]had a little money to [D] spend
               That's [C]how I came to [D]meet my African [G]friend

We were [G]rolling the[C] bones several [G]hours
[D] Conversing as [C]most gamblers [G]do
We were [G]calling [C] on all of our[G] powers
[D] Hoping to see [C] the night [G]through

But not[G] approving [C] at all of our[G] winning,
[D]Pit boss he tugged [C]at his [G]sleeve
Through[G] the whole [C]thing my new friend was [G]grinning
When he [D] motioned [C] it's time we should [G]leave

               [Bm]With our night at the tables [C] behind us
               We were [Am]ready just to [D] do it again
               That's [C] when I came to [D] know my African [G]friend


But I [G]woke up on the[C] steps of a [G]whorehouse
[D]Soldier told me [C]I better [G]leave
As I [G]stumbled to [C]find me a [G]taxi
I [D] saw a note [C] pinned to my [G]sleeve

It was a [G]pleasure and [C] a hell of an [G]evening
[D]Truly was our [C] night to [G]win
But the [G] authorities [C]insist on my [G]leaving
[D]Take care, my [C]American [G]friend

               [Bm]With my weekend in Haiti [C]concluded
               I now [Am]had a little money to [D] spend
               That's [C] how I came [D]know my African [G] Friend
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