Jimmy Buffett – Jamaica Mistaka tab

Check this out - apologies if any bits are wrong (but I\'ve been told it was spot on!)


Intro:- Bm, A, Bm X2
	Bm, G, A  X2

	Bm, A, G, A X2


	Bm 	    A 		   G 		    A

	Some folks say that I\'ve got the perfect life

	Bm	     A	                G                 A
	Three swell kids, lots of toys and a lovely wife

	(Basically thats it for the verses, just listen to
	the rhythm for when to change chords)

Interlude1 - the steel drum bit (do a \"Misirlou\" type picking here for the 1st time round)
~~~~~~~~~~   (the Pulp Fiction theme for those who don\'t know the song!)

	This bit is repeated twice by the steel drums:

e |-------------------------------| b |---3/7/3---3/5/2---2--0--2--3--| (the / means slide) g |-------------------------------| 3 slide to 7 etc
Verse 2 follows - which is basically the same then.... G A D A Bm Come back, Come back, Back to Jamaica G A D A Bm Don\'t you know we made a big mistaka G A D A Bm We\'d be so sad, if you told us goodbye G F#m And we promise not to shoot you out of the sky The interludey bit here is Bm, G, A X2 then Bm, A, G, A X2 which then goes back to the verse structure. (Same as above) The slide bit follows then the chorus.... The fasty bit is next which is:- Bm, A, G, F#m, F, D, F, F#m - try the tab here (the bass line) to get the basic rhythm of it:-
e |--------------------------------------------------------------|b |--------------------------------------------------------------|g |--------------------------------------------------------------|d |--------------------------------------------------------------|a |--------------------10--10--10--9--9--9--8--8--8--8--5--8--9--|e |--7--7--7--5--5--5--------------------------------------------|
For the above bit - play the chords higher up on the fretboard. Like the Bm on the 8th fret, the A on the 5th then the G on the 10th and F#m on the 9th etc etc.. I think the solos in B but I\'ll let ya know bout this later. The end bit: Promise not to shoot you..... goes: G, F#m, F, F#m, F, D, Bm - again, play this bit further down the fretboard. AND THAT\'S IT - I think. Jimi_Hendrix
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