Jimmy Cliff – People tab

SONG: People
ARTIST: Jimmy Cliff featuring Sting
ALBUM: Fantastic Plastic People
YEAR: 2002

Since it’s the summer vacation, I decided to post the tab of a reggae tune to this 
website, mainly because reggae has quite a sunny rhythm and has been long associated with 
summer if you know what I mean.
This one is played in the key of C/Am.

This is the main melody for both the intro and chorus;

Dm C DmE|-5-------------3-|-5-------------5-|-3---------3-----|-----------------|B|-----------3-6---|-----------3-6---|-------------6-5-|-3---------------|G|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|D|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|A|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|E|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|
1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 During the chord sequence and considering this is a reggae song, I find it’s best to use barre chords. This is the chord sequence for the Intro and chorus: Dm////|////|C////|Dm////| For the verse; F////|////|C////|Dm//// Here is the whole song; Intro: Dm C Dm Dm Everybody, everybody, everybody, no Don’t forget her, don’t forget her, no C Everybody, everybody, everybody, no Dm Don’t forget her, don’t forget her, no (x2) Verse 1: F There comes a time when we must fight again C Dm For what we know to be the truth F Here comes the day when we must rise again C Dm To save ourselves reclaim our youth Chorus: Dm C So people let’s get together and show our power Dm All over the world Dm C So people let’s get together and show our power Dm All over the world Dm C Dm Verse 2: F There comes a time to gather round again C Dm To sit and learn each other’s ways F As of today let’s start to laugh again C Dm And hope and Joy is here to stay Repeat Chorus Bridge: (no chord sequence for this bit, just drums, but I can’t work out the lyrics. It lasts for eight bars) Verse 3: F Love sees the way to make the best of things C Dm The more we give, the more we get F We know the truth lies in the simple things C Dm The simple thing lest we forget Repeat Chorus Some ranting verse (same chord sequence) Repeat Chorus
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