Jimmy Eat World – The Heart Is Hard To Find chords

Left handed
After giving Invented a few listens, this is my favourite song off the new album so far, 
some others are growing on me. Naturally, I wanted to pick up and strum along to it.

I tabbed it to follow the same chord progressions as I heard it, however it is not the 
exactly, as I believe Jim plays it an octave lower which requires dropping from standard, 
I just capo'd instead. Let me know if you have corrections, thanks and rock on!

Capo on the 7th Fret, Standard Tuning.

Figure 1* (You will need to know this, just shows chords not timing)e--3--3--3--|B--3--3--3--|G--0--2--0--|D--2--0--2--|A--3--2--0--|E--0--0--0--|
Intro - (G)
(G) (Dadd4)I can't compete with the clear eyes of strangers
(C)I'm more and more replaced
(G)By my friends each night
I can't compete (Dadd4) Just can't recover
(C)+Fig 1* (G)How many years it's been, it's day one in my mind
That's the first step (Dadd4) Each time
(Em) (C) (G)The heart is hard to find
(Em) (C) (G)Yes the heart is hard to find
(Dadd4) It's hard to find the heart
(C)+Fig 1*Sometimes
(Follow Verse 1 Identical) I can't compete with your new-found religion The good words seems everywhere But good words only I can't compete with a real education All the fucked up things you say Couldn't possibly be any less help to me (Follow Chorus Identical) The heart is hard to find Yes the heart is hard to find It's hard to find the heart Sometimes Bridge (G) (Dadd4) (C) (G) (Dadd4) (C)+Fig1* x2 Chorus Again. Thats it!
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