Jimmy Eat World - Concept Acoustic chords

Great version of Teenage Fanclub's song covered by JEW on "Futures."
I tried to base these chords on the JEW acoustic version, though I think they 
sound close to the original.
Please feel free to give any suggestions or corrections. This is the first tab 
I've ever actually submitted...


G, Em, C, D, G (Get a feel for the strumming pattern with a couple of quick listens)


GShe wears denim wherever she goes
EmSays she's gonna get some records by the Status Quo
C D GOh yeah...Oh yeah...
GStill she won't be forced against her will
EmSays she don't do drugs but she does the pill
C D GOh yeah...Oh yeah...
Am D Em Bm CI didn't want to hurt you oh....oh....yeah... (X2)
That's all (I think). Enjoy!
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