Jimmy Eat World – 23 tab

Artist:Jimmy eat world
Track lengh:7:13
Release date:2005
Tabbed by jonathan
Heey there you lot,ive already tabbed the intro for this song,which was slightly
to the one on this tab.The solo at 0:54 is pretty much the same to my old one, however...I've
been going through some of the jimmyeatworld 23 tabs and the tab hasnt appeared yet.even 
i posted it last week.So anyway,this is a more consistant,and fuller tab.
I hope you all enjoy it...

I have played it in Drop D tuning...

F - fore finger     \
M - middle finger    \ This i where i place my fingers while playing the
R - ring finger      / the song,not sure if you guys would wanna play it
L - little finger   /  the way i do.But its here just in case.
// slide up
\\ slide down
~ vibrato
^ half bend
^^ full bend
h hammer on
p pull off
r ring out

The intro consists of two guitars and a bass,so i have arranged this tab for
a lone guitarist much like my self.you will be able to hear a violin? in the back ground
some sort of spanish or prohaps italian style classical guitar in the back ground.i
tab it,sorry.

F F F F F F F F F F R F F R R 0:13e|--------------------------0|--------------------------0--|B|------------------------3--|------------------------3--3-|G|---------------------------|-----------------------------|D|--------0-----0------------|--------2-----2--------------|A|---------------------------|0-0-0-0---0-0---0-0-0-0------|D|0-0-0-0---0-0---0-0-0-0----|-----------------------------| R F F R R
**guitar section**
0:27 0:54e|-----------------------------------| This isant the riff for this part.B|-----------------------------------| But this is what i play when i playG|----------------77777777-----------| x2 along to the song,or when me and my
D|99999999777777777777777755555555 band cover it.A|99999999777777775555555555555555D|9999999977777777--------55555555 FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFLLLLLLLLFFFFFFFF F FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFRRRRRRRRFFFFFFFF F = barre the three strings FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF F
**small solo** 0:54e|---------------------------|----------------------------|B|---------------------------|----------------------------|G|------------------------14-|14-14-14-14-14-14-----------| .contD|9-9-9-11-11-11-12-12-12----|----------------------------|A|---------------------------|----------------------------|D|---------------------------|----------------------------|
F F F F F F M M M L L L L L L Le|---------------------------|------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------|------------------------------------------|G|------------------------12-|12-12-12-12-12-12-11-11-11-11-11-11-11-11-| .contD|9-9-9-11-11-11-12-12-12----|------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------|------------------------------------------|D|---------------------------|------------------------------------------|
F F F F F F M M M R R R R R R R M M M M M M M M 1:21e|---------------------------|------------------------------------|B|---------------------------|------------------------------------|G|9-9-9-/14-14-11-12-11-11-11|11-11-11-11-11-9-9-9-7-7-7-6-6~-----| x2D|------|--------------------|------------------------------------|A|------|--------------------|------------------------------------|D|------|--------------------|------------------------------------| F F F RR R F M F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F
| slide from about the 11th thret **Repeat the above solo at 3:38/4:05 ** **solo**
4:59 5:06e|---------------------------|--------------------|-------------------------|B|15-15-15-14-14-14-12-12-12-|10-10-10------------|------15-------15---15---|G|---------------------------|---------12-12-12-12|11-12----11-12----12--12-|D|---------------------------|--------------------|-------------------------|A|---------------------------|--------------------|-------------------------|D|---------------------------|--------------------|-------------------------| R R R M M M F F F F F F R R R R F M L F M L F L F
R R R M M M F F F F F F R R R R F F | F F FFF | | / Hit these slide out of the three as you 11 bend to the 9 pull out of with out slie effect the bend
5:13.5e|---------------------------|17-17-17-17-17-17-17--------|B|17-17-17-19-19-19-15-15-15-|----------------------------|G|---------------------------|----------------------------|D|---------------------------|----------------------------| .contA|---------------------------|----------------------------|D|---------------------------|----------------------------| R R R L L L F F F R R R R R R R
e|---------------------------|17-17-17-17-17-15-14--17-15-14-14-|B|17-17-17-19-19-19-15-15-15-|----------------------------------|G|---------------------------|----------------------------------|D|---------------------------|----------------------------------| .contA|---------------------------|----------------------------------|D|---------------------------|----------------------------------|
F F F M M M F F F M M M M M F F R F F F 5:26e|17-15-14h15p14-----17-15-14|h15p14----------------------|B|---------------17----------|-------17-------------------|G|---------------------------|----------------------------| .contD|---------------------------|----------------------------|A|---------------------------|-----------///////14~b~-----|D|---------------------------|-------------|--------------| R F F M F R R F F M F R FFFFFFFF
| slide from about the 10th thret
5:30e|-----------|-----------|-----------|------------|B|15-15-15-15|15-15-15-15|15-15-15-15|15-15-15-15-|G|-----------|-----------|-----------|------------|D|-----------|-----------|-----------|------------| .contA|-----------|-----------|-----------|------------|D|-----------|-----------|-----------|------------| M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M
5:34e|------17-------17-------17-|------17-------17-|B|14-15----14-15----14-15----|14-15----14-15----|G|---------------------------|------------------|D|---------------------------|------------------|A|---------------------------|------------------|D|---------------------------|------------------| F M L F M L F M L F M L F M L
After the solo there is a small melody played on guitar which i have tabbed for you.Its the exact one in the song, but this is what i play whenever im playing,i just play this the outro... i dont have my guitar with me right now, so im not sure on the timing im sure if you decide to play this part too you'll figure out the timing =]
not sure if its exact but thats what i play either way.sounds ok to me. You can mess around with the notes or whatever... =p
**outro** 7:13e|--0r---- --0----- --0r---- --0----- --0r---- --0-----B|-3------ -3-3r--- -3------ -3-3r--- -3------ -3-3r---G|-------- -------- -------- -------- -------- --------D|-------- -------- -------- -------- 2------- --------A|-------- -------- -------- -------- -------- --------D|-------- -------- -------- -------- -------- --------
something like that? LYRICS I felt for sure last night That once we said goodbye No one else will know these lonely dreams No one else will know that part of me Im still driving away And I'm sorry every day I wont always love these selfish things I wont always live Not stopping It was my turn to decide I knew this was our time No one else will have me like you do No one else will have me, only you You'll sit alone forever If you wait for the right time What are you hoping for? I'm here I'm now I'm ready Holding on tight Dont give away the end The one thing that stays mine Amazing still it seems I'll be 23 I wont always love what I'll never have I wont always live in my regret You'll sit alone forever If you wait for the right time What are you hoping for? I'm here I'm now I'm ready Holding on tight Dont give away the end The one thing that stays mine You'll sit alone forever If you wait for the right time What are you hoping for? I'm here I'm now I'm ready Holding on tight Dont give away the end The one thing that stays mine... ***************************************************************************** If you have any questions,you can email me at calgary_mack@hotmail.com The solo's are pretty much all correct The intro is the best i could do with just one guitar And the rest is just what i have compensated for... Hope you like it .::Jonathan::.
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