Jimmy Eat World – Feeling Lucky tab

Song:Feeling Lucky
Album:Chase This Light
Artist:Jimmy Eat World
Date Tabbed:June,2008
Guitar Tabber:Ryan Manongdo/18/Vancouver,Ca

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~ - let it ring


Verse 1:There's a chance...e|-------------- ------------------------------------|B|-------------- ------------------------------------|G|-44444-------- 2x ----------------------------44444---| 2xD|-44444-66666-- Then -222222-66666---22222-44444-44444---|A|-22222-66666-- -222222-66666---22222-44444-22222---|E|-------44444-- -000000-44444---00000-22222---------|
Chorus:I follow...e|------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------|G|-----------44444--------------------|D|-2222-3333-44444---2222-3333-4444---|A|-2222-3333-22222---2222-3333-4444---|E|-0000-1111---------0000-1111-2222---|
Ahhhh,,ahhhh... Play Verse 1:
Outro:Yeah,you sucked...e|-------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------|G|-----------444444-------------44444---4~---|D|-2222-4444-444444---2222-4444-44444-4-4~---|A|-2222-4444-222222---2222-4444-22222-4-2~---|E|-0000-2222----------0000-2222-------2------|
End.. Feeling Lucky Lyrics: Verse 1: There's a chance, one of us will give in soon I could ask, but what's an answer gonna prove? I try to get mad, but the fever drops My heart can't break 'cause the beating stops Yeah, suck that lucky feeling right outta me. Wanna laugh? Take a look around the room It's a dance, tired steps in brand new shoes I can only take a guess what the morning brings If it feels too good, then it probably is. Yeah, suck that lucky feeling right outta me Chorus: I follow your sign, where it leads I go. But you turned your back so easily, It tells me everything I need, yeah. Waiting for the line to move a foot, yeah Wasting my life on nothing good Suck that lucky feeling right outta me I should act; tie it down or cut you loose It's a trap, any direction I move. When I try to sing along, the needle skips I huff and then I puff but my house is bricks, yeah Suck that lucky feeling right outta me Yeah you sucked that lucky feeling right outta me. Yeah you sucked that lucky feeling right outta me, yeah.
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