Jimmy Fallon – New French Girlfriend chords

So this is standard tuning EADGBe

He plays only 4 chords with a French twist: a form of A, G, F, and another G*.Listen to song for strumming pattern.
A G F G*e |------5----------3---------1----------x--|B |------7----------5---------3----------x--|G |------6----------4---------2----------x--|D |------7----------5---------3----------3--|A |------5----------3---------1----------3--|E |------5----------3---------1----------3--|
ATalkin' about my new french girlfriend
Gwe met yesterday her name's Renee
F Aarmpit hairs and black berets.
G F Ashe drinks her coffee on ambrettes
G F Ashe always looks like she's depressed
G F A A G A G G*she smokes before, during, and after sex yeah.
VERSE 2 Talkin' about my new french girlfriend dresses like a mime likes cheese and wine and we share the same bra size. And she made me grow a thin mustache and now i look just like her dad coincidentally his name is Renee too yeah BRIDGE
G F AAnd when we kiss nothin' but tongue
G F Ashe hasn't showered in a month
G F A A G A G G*and did i mention the bitch don't like to shower.
OUTRO: A G A F G A The chords just repeat with the verses. Hope this is good. Rate it well.
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