Jimmy Fallon - Idiot Boyfriend tab

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Title: 		Idiot Boyfriend
Band: 		Jimmy Fallon
Album:		Bathroom Wall
Words:		Yea
Music:		Yea
Transcribed By:	Andrew C. (steak4chicken)
My Email:	Squall72788@hotmail.com
Parts:		Main Riff Throughout Song, Preverse/chorus, Chords
Missing:	The funky guitar part, I think it's in some scale somewhere;)

Well I crack up whenever I see the video or hear the song and by listening to it for so long
and at times playing my guitar trying to figure it out (especially for my girlfriend)
I came up with all this. No matter where I've looked I haven't found a tab. It's my first real
tab, but it seems every tab you look at is someone's first tab. Anways here it is!

Symbols: R Slight Rest
S Sliiide

Main Riff(Verse) for Guitar/Bass (Octaves Optional)E|-----------------------------------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------------------------------|G|----4------6-s------8------R-9---9----11--11---------------|D|-----------------------------------------------------------|A|-2------4-s------6--------R-7----7-----9---9---------------|E|-----------------------------------------------------------|
Pre Verse/Chorus Thing (Baby I know Im a man whos made mistakes,I still got some learnin to do...etc)E|-----------------------------------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------------------------------|G|--9--9---8--8---6--6---S8--8--6--6--4--4-------------------|D|-----------------------------------------------------------|A|--7--7---6--6---4--4---S6--6--4--4--2--2-------------------|E|-----------------------------------------------------------|
1st Time 2nd Time(Fool around with it) ________ _____________E|----------------------|------------|-------------------------|B|----------------------|------------|-------------------------|G|--S9--9--8--8--6--6---|-R--4-------|---11----11--11----------|D|----------------------|------------|-------------------------|A|--S7--7--6--6--4--4---|-R--2-------|---9--9------9-----------|E|----------------------|------------|-------------------------|
Around the time of "I hope you like this norelco big trimmer...with my name on it and Im your boyfriend" part, a keyboard comes in, the chords it plays and the chords a guitar would play throughout the song are: B, E, F#, and E They sound best played high up on the neck
B E F#E|-----7------7----9-------------------------------------------|B|-----7------9----11------------------------------------------|G|-----8------9----11------------------------------------------|D|-----9------9----11------------------------------------------|A|-----9------7----9-------------------------------------------|E|-----7-------------------------------------------------------|
"Hey baby, you like fine cookin? Cause you know what? I got a Swanson's Dinner in the freezer with your name on it (wah-wah)."
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