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Jimmy Needham – Unfailing Love Kellys Song tab

I got all the song but the part for Be my wife...so if you can get that please
let me know and I will fix it.
This is my first tab,
Jimmy's new cd is great, check him out, beautiful song right here for his wife.

Isaiah 54:10
Written by Jimmy Needham

Cm7                     Dm7                                            D#maj9
You’re my unfathomable precious unimaginable joy
Cm7                         Dm7                                                 D#maj9
And you’re exceedingly exciting and abundantly more than I could ask for
Cm7                     Dm7                                            D#maj9
With your hand in mine we will pass through time and space
Cm7                     Dm7                                            D#maj9
And every second every minute every hour of every day I’ll say

             A#                                                   A##    
My unfailing love for you will not be moved
For you will not be moved
My unfailing love for you
And though the mountains be shaken 
And the hills be removed 
                D#sus2              D#m
Yet my unfailing love for you

Cm7                      Dm7                                            D#maj9
He tells a story of a King coming in glory and He is
Cm7                     Dm7                                           D#maj9
And that same Man who devised that plan united ours with His
Cm7                     Dm7                                                   D#maj9
And so hand in hand we will walk with Him till our two become as one
Cm7                     Dm7                                            D#maj9
And all the promises He promises to us He promises will never be undone


Be my wife
Be my wife 
Be my wife


Cm7 Dm7 D#maj9 A# A## D#sus2 D#me|---3---------5---------6------6------6------6----------6--------------------------|B|---4---------6---------6------6------6------6----------7--------------------------|G|---3---------5---------7------7------7------8----------6--------------------------|D|---5---------7---------8------8------6------8----------8--------------------------|A|---3---------5---------6------8------8------6----------6--------------------------|E|---3---------5---------6------6------6------6----------6--------------------------|
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