Jimmy Needham - The Reason I Sing chords

( G C/G G )E | -3-3---3------------------------------------------|B | -0-0h1-0------------------------------------------|G | -0-0---0------------------------------------------|D | -0-0h2-0------------------------------------------|A | --------------------------------------------------|E | -3-3---3------------------------------------------|
(intro) G C/G G Gº C9 G C/G G
G C/G GIf its just to top a song chart
GºTo feed the kids and get a bigger car
C9The skies already have a lot of stars
G C/G GAnd they all sing Your name
G C/G GAnd if I'm here to write a #1
GºTo get a gold or maybe platinum
C9Make me a singer who is unsung
G C/G GCuz You won't share fame
Bm ECuz even accolades someday will fade away
C#m F#mOh just like me
Bm E AYes everything but You, yeah
Bm EAnd many years from now it won't matter
C#m F#mHow I write the rhymes I do, yeah
Bm E AHelp me get back to the reason I sing for You
G C/G GI'm always looking for the limelight
GºTo dim my house and make the stages bright
C9Compared to You I'm just a night light
G C/G GAgainst the blazing sun
G C/G GI enter rooms and hope they notice me
GºTo fill my social insecurities
C9I'm asking if there's any hope for me
G C/G GCuz there is room for only one
(refrão) Why are we so convinced a bigger audience Is simply common sense to have? Maybe success is measured best By nothing less then our obedience
G C/G GSo if I'm destined for a small stage
GºThe small crowds and the small pay
C9Then maybe even in a small way
G C/G GI can bring You fame
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