Jimmy Thackery And The Drivers – Empty Arms Motel tab

Really? First Jimmy Thackery tab? Meh. This is my first tab, so don't eat me if it's bad.

Standard Tuning

Intro: x4e-----------------|B-----------------|G-----------------|D----0-2--0-0-2-0-|A---2----2--------|E--0----0---------|
(If you have a rhythym guitarist, they can play an E Major chord every other time you the part above. If you this isn't clear, listen to the song, you'll figure it out)
Verse: x8e-----------------|B-----------------|G-----------------|D----0-2--0-0-2-0-|A---2----2--------|E--0----0---------|
Order of Song: Intro Verse Chorus Verse Chorus Solo (Penatonic in E works just fine, I'm not confident enough in my tabbing or ear to the solo out. This spans an entire Verse/Chorus) Verse Chorus Outro (Intro. Repeat as neccesary. This is a great part to just cut loose on a solo it fades out fading out is impossible live.) http://jimmythackery.com/
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