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Jinkaku Radio – Buranko tab

I'm pretty sure all the chords are right but the order may not be right, as in  I 
missed a line here or there (it seems kind of short!)

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Artist: Jinkaku Radio
Song: Buranko (acoustic vers.)

   Am  C   G   Csus4
e  0   0   3   0
B  1   1  (3)  1
G  2   0   0   2
D  2   2   0   3
A  0   3   2   3
E  -   -   3   -

Am C Csus4 (x3)

Verse 1:
Am G
C G Csus4
C G Am Csus4
C G Csus4

Bridge: C G Ame|-0--------0------3--------3------0--------0-------|B|-1------1---1----0------0---0----1------1---1-----|G|-0----0-------0--0----0-------0--2----2-------2---| x2D|-2--2------------0--0------------2--2-------------|A|-3---------------2---------------0----------------|E|-----------------3--------------------------------|
After playing two times play: Ce|-0--------0------|B|-1------1---1----|G|-0----0-------0--|D|-2--2------------|A|-3---------------|E|-----------------|
Verse 2 C Am C Csus4 C G Csus4 C Am Csus4 G C Am Csus4 G C Am Csus4 G Outro C G Am Csus4 C G Am Csus4 C
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