Jireh Lim – Intro Song chords

Jireh Lim
Intro Song

Capo 2nd fret
E - G#m - A - B 
G#m - A - C# - B
A - B - C# - B
E Make your eyes close, baby
G#mGo to sleep right now
AAnd embrace my sweet kiss
B To start a peaceful dream
EI'll sing you to sleep
G#m Until you fall so deep
AI look at those eyelashes
BSo pretty fluttering
E G#mI wonder what dream you are having
A BThinking if the Angels were playing somewhere there
EI can see you smiling
G#mAt you I am staring
AAs I watch you breathe
BIt takes my breath away
G#m A C# B You fell from the clear blue sky
G#m A C# BYour sleep so peaceful and calm
A BLike a star came a gift
C# B AWhich can only be sent from above
B C# BCos you are so beautiful to me
A B EYou're beautiful to me, you're beautiful
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