Jj Grey And Mofro – Country Ghetto tab

Country Ghetto
By JJ Grey and Mofro
Transcribed by Slobrien (aka Mike O)

Whole Song is D F G... (from a live version they had an Ab to G vamp to end it)

D                      F               G
I see the look in your eyes I know I'm simple and plain
D                            F        G
A country boy can't survive too many ways in your game
D                        F               G
So you can say what you will about your helping hand
D                    F                   G             D
I know I'll never be more than just your dumb white trash

F         G             D
Life in a country ghetto 4x

Love touches us all yes we're black and we're white
Out here in the cut still living side by side
So never mind what you've seen and just forget what you've heard
Another ignorant redneck just some Hollywood words

Life in a country ghetto  4x

No I'm not tame  The only voice that speaks for me speaks from this clay
Little boy you ain't never take a dime from the man
Starve to death before you live by a government handout
They call us poverty

Life in a country ghetto 4x
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